-          Certificate of approval from ITC for manufacture of containers with 12 and 6 meters length

       and conexes with 6 m length for mobile telephone in 1991

-      Certificate of approval from MCI for connected BTS conexes in 2005

-          The only certified manufacturer of disconnected BTS conexes from MCI

-      Holder of Grade A Certificate for manufacture of conex and the accessories form MCI 

-          Holder of certificate for manufacture of AC and DC control panels and meter protection board 

-          Certified manufacturer of conex for Iran Cell Telecommunication Company

 Licenses and Certificates

Holder of Certificate of Quality Management System (ISO9001:2008)


Good Performance Certificates

-          Delivery of 1200 BTS conexes together with full set of equipment and furnishes through one contract.

-     Holder of letter of commendation from Behin Ertebat Mehr for delivery of 1,000 BTS conexes approved by MCI within less than 14 months

-          Good performance record in all its dealings with the provincial telecommunication companies.

-     Holder of letter of commendation from Towseh Sanatgaran Fars Company (Fars Consortium) for manufacture of BTS conexes

-          Member of Iran Telecommunication Industry Syndicate

-          Holder of letter of commendation for cooperation in Conex manufacturing contracts from

      other companies including Ertebat Sanat Atlas Company, Kavoshkam Asia Company, Nirofaran

       Company, …

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