Design and Manufacture of the First Communication Conex in Iran

The Company commenced its work by establishment of an industrial complex in 1984 under the name of Vahdar Room Manufacturing (Sazandegan Company). At first, the company manufactured steel conexes including administrative and residential and transit containers. The Company's managers, who are the experienced and skilled manpower of the Company, very soon promoted the technology and quality of the conexes. Immediately after becoming aware of the Iranian Telecommunication Company (ITC)'s need to conexes for installation in telephone centers, our mangers and experts took part in the meetings held for investigation and decision making at ITC offices. After taking view points and in collaboration with ITC's experts, our specialists designed and manufactured the prototype of the conexes required by ITC which approved by ITC in 1985.
Thereafter, we concluded several contracts with ITC on manufacture and supply of different conexes; the following is a number of these contracts :
l-arrow Contract on manufacture of 12 containers for ITC in 1991
l-arrow Contract on manufacture of 50 mobile containers to be used as 1000-number telephone centers of ITC in 1991
l-arrow Contract on manufacture of 10 containers for ITC in 1993
l-arrow Contract on manufacture of 50 containers for ITC in 1997

Design and Manufacture of the First BTS Conex

In 1990s, after introduction of mobile phone technology in Iran and the need for conexes for BTS sites, Sanat Ertebat Vahdat Company's managers, who were cooperating with ITC, in collaboration with experts of Mobile Communication Company of Iran (MCI) and in line with their instructions, successfully designed and produced BTS conexes, which were finally approved by MCI; some of the contracts concluded in this regard are cited below:
l-arrow Contract on manufacture of 100 BTS Conexes for ITC in 1999
l-arrow  Contract on manufacture of 100 BTS Conexes for ITC in 2000 

Facilities and Capabilities

-   Holder of exploitation license issued by the Ministry of Industries and Mines
-   Manufacturing plant built on a land with 10,000 m2 area and with more than 2500 m2 production hall and administrative buildings in six sections:

1- Cutting, bending and part manufacturing
2- Polyurethane injection and body finishing and sealing
3-  Mounting, completion, installation, equipment and quality control
4-  Painting including electrostatic paint furnace for painting all body sheets, columns, doors and control panels inside the conexes
5-  Wiring and AC and DC control panels mounting section
6-  Cabling and furnishing the manufactured conexes, their installation and equipment test run.

l-arrow          Different equipment for polyurethane foam injection.
l-arrow          Moulds for fixation of the body at the time of polyurethane injection in different sizes for small and large conexes.
(we are capable to manufacture homogenous body for conexes with up to 6.5 m length by injection of integrated foam into the body in one stage).
l-arrow          Electrical and automatic bending machines.
l-arrow          Sheet and profile cutting devices.
l-arrow          CO2 welding machine.
l-arrow          Electrostatic painting furnace together with all accessories.
l-arrow          Lift trucks of different sizes for transportation of conexes.

And other equipment needed for conex manufacturing.

Technical Specifications

 Main Steel Frame

The frame is made of sheet with 4 mm thickness or more by use of angle steel and:
1-      Black steel sheet with polyurethane layer.
2-      Black steel sheet primed by use of pain dying furnace on oily steel sheets.
3-      Black steel sheets by use of galvanized plating.
4-      Galvanized sheets.

The floors of conexes are made of several layers which are detailed from upper layer to the lower one as follows:
1-      Rectangular section steel (normally 40 X 60 mm)
2-      One layer steel sheet with 2 mm thickness.
3-      One layer plywood with 15mm thickness.
4-      One copper wire for grounding.
5-      One layer antistatic layer.
The floor is capable to withstand 1000 kg/m2 load.
Body and Ceiling

The body and ceiling is in the form of sandwich panel form and is seamless made of the three following layers:
1-      The external layer oil painted, primed or galvanized with 1.5 mm thickness.
2-      The integrated middle layer made of polyurethane foam resistant to fire which is continuous for whole of the wall length with 5 and 8 cm or more.
3-      Internal layer, which could be made of MDF with 3 mm thickness, fiberglass with 3 mm thickness or primed sheet with 1 mm thickness.
Note:   The U sections are used in whole of the conex volume and all walls and sections for reinforcement especially in places that heavy equipment are installed.
Climatic Conditions

l-arrow          The conexes withstand temperature range of -25°C to +55°C.
l-arrow          The conexes withstand relative humidity up to 100%.
l-arrow          Resistant to direct sunlight.
l-arrow          The conexes withstand wind speed up to 160 km/h.
l-arrow          Capable to withstand adverse climatic conditions like rainfall, wind, storm and dust.
l-arrow          Since the required sealing, filters, straps, and sealing rubbers are used in manufacturing of the conxes, they are fully resistant and sealed to dust and sunlight.


Vahdat Company has manufactured a range of conexes and containers for different applications and delivered them to the buyers including those equipped with telecommunication equipment and have gained the approval of all customers and buyers:

1-      Mobile Conexes for telephone centers.
2-      Connected BTS conexes for MCI.
3-      Disconnected BTS conexes for MCI.
4-      WLL conexes.
5-      Irancell Conexes (2nd Operator).
6-      Diesel generator conexes for Infrastructure Company of ITC.
7-      Fiber optics conexes for Infrastructure Company of ITC.
8-      Wimax conexes for Iran Cell.
9-      3K switch center conexes.
10-    Mobile switch center conexes.
and  AC and DC control panels and meter protector

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